Kate Lang 2018

Kate Lang

VP Career Practice

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Kate believes in potential. Her experience teaching history and social studies in the Chicago public school system taught her a thing or two about the resiliency of the human spirit and the importance of recognizing every individual’s capacity to evolve and excel. Every role she’s played since has bolstered the idea that learning from the past, playing to your strengths, and honing in on the things that truly bring you satisfaction are key to professional achievement. Kate is an expert at coaching employees through change or working with employers to ensure a gracious transition. She brings a unique mixture of humanity and practicality to everything she does.

As Managing Director of Waldron’s Career Transition practice, Kate is accountable for program development and quality of service delivery and provides career coaching. As both an advocate for employers and a sounding board for their employees, she works with organizations to plan and support thoughtful transitions as clients evolve and move in new directions. Clients rely on her expert management, attention to detail, and dedication to the process, which ensures the right questions get asked to mitigate risk and maximize opportunity. Kate excels at problem solving and works tirelessly to ensure clients achieve their objectives.

Prior to Waldron, Kate spent nine years in roles developing and deploying programs and leading teams at The Seattle Times, where she was responsible for strategic growth planning, education and customer retention programs, and digital operations. Earlier, she helped design and implement a curriculum strategy to support the City of Seattle’s Department of planning and Development. She is a member of Seattle Jobs Initiative board and holds an MA in education and multicultural studies from Columbia College and a BA in history, African-American studies, and education from Loyola University of Chicago. She began her career as a teacher working in Chicago Public Schools.