Be An Employer of Choice

Winning with talent by championing their careers.

Career Development

Retain & Attract Great Talent with Career Development.

Talented employees are hard to find and even harder to keep. 

In good times and in bad the best are in high demand, and if your organization can’t offer them career growth, they will eventually leave. 

Career development is the key to retaining your best employees. By investing in their professional development, you are affirming your belief in their abilities and potential. Not only will this keep your current employees engaged and productive but it will also attract new talent to your organization. 

Differentiating Your Organization

EMPLOYER IMPACT:  Today, standard packages of self-directed development courses and learning management systems are failing to address employees’ rising career expectations. They seek opportunities for learning, advancing, and developing a career that complements who they are and want to become. They are connecting their purpose, values, and life to what they do and what your organization offers. 

Career development services by Waldron CPI 

We work with you to differentiate your career experiences by tailoring solutions based on your unique business situation, values, culture, and budget. Waldron CPI believes that investing in a personalized and customized approach offers you: 

  • Better return on time, resources, and money investment. 
  • Reduced turnover and costs related to onboarding new talent. 
  • An enhanced employee value proposition (EVP). 
  • Higher employee engagement in their work and career growth. 

Helping Employees Become Their Best Selves 

EMPLOYEE IMPACT: Your career development solution, designed with Waldron CPI, will provide employees with career growth opportunities through organizational learning and on-the-job experiences while reflecting your value as a choice employer. Importantly, your career development solution will put employees in the driver’s seat of their own careers—respecting where they are professionally, meeting them where they are at, and informing where they might go next in their careers. 

Results for Employees

  • Internalizing the importance of being proactive in managing one’s career. 
  • Leveraging unique expertise, strengths, and motivators to increase career satisfaction. 
  • Identifying one’s professional “why” and how it informs their career. 
  • Managing and communicating career development with supervisor and others. 
  • Insight into resources, tools, and pathways to support career development— especially previously under-utilized organizational resources. 

Your Investment In Talent

In choosing to invest in being great at career development, you are setting an important lever of being an employer of choice. With that comes the benefits of: 

  • Hiring the best of the best talent
  • Reducing turnover
  • Fortifying a growth mindset
  • Nurturing an environment of engaged and fulfilled employees

Career development boosts profitability. They enjoy 24% higher profit margin and produce 218% higher income per employee compared to companies not investing in such professional growth. [Forbes, 5-3-2019]