Inspire and Challenge

Starting with the ideal vision, and capturing and celebrating what already works, Waldron partners with your teams to build the competencies needed to thrive in a constantly changing world.

Waldron's approaches

Three Pillars for Lasting Change

Waldron's Effective Organizations approach and results focus on strengthening the three pillars required for lasting change at the individual, leadership team, or organizational level: Adaptive Leadership, Positive Disruption, and Sustainability through Culture.

Waldron Three Pillars

Pillar 1 Adaptive Leadership

To lead effectively in the modern world, leaders must learn and adopt bold new skills that are relevant and adaptive to an unpredictable, constantly changing future. Adaptive, relationship-based leadership skills are required to define the vision for the organization's future and align teams behind a clear path to achieving that vision. Waldron works with leaders individually and in teams to:

  • Define and articulate the vision of the organization's ideal future state.
  • Challenge and discard out-dated leadership approaches that reinforce the current state.
  • Build adaptive leadership skills at individual and team levels to learn, lead, and excel in a constantly changing environment. Rethink, redefine, and cement leadership relationships to unleash new levels of performance, innovation, collaboration, and trust.
Pillar 2 Positive Disruption

To achieve organizational transformation, leaders must be willing to disrupt the status quo. Waldron works with organizations to positively disrupt the current state that holds the organization back from peak performance. Waldron guides leaders and organizations to:

  • Identify, celebrate and preserve what works well in the organization.
  • Let go of philosophies, cultural norms, and out-dated modes of leading and working that hold the organization back.
  • Innovate and take action to fill the gaps created between what is working and what must discarded.
  • Deliver results while learning—develop skills and capacity in the context of actual work in progress.

In activating a positive disruption, the Waldron team leverages thought leadership and proven methodologies to safely challenge the current state. We apply a combination of whole systems interventions, team and targeted stakeholder facilitation and support and, as needed, individual coaching to address pockets of resistance and build capacity. We encourage leaders and teams to experiment, to fail fast and safe, and to develop skills to work in new ways.

Pillar 3 Sustainability Through Culture

A strong, resilient, and adaptive culture is the linchpin to lasting organizational transformation. Waldron works at all levels within the organization to shift and reinforce a culture that is vigilantly aligned behind a shared strategic vision—sustaining the behaviors that drive results, regardless of the changing landscape. Fundamental to lasting results for our clients is "planned obsolescence," in which we design a scaled withdrawal of our consulting support into the consulting engagement plan. To achieve lasting change, Waldron works with the organization as a whole to:

  • Reinforce values and cultural norms that drive innovation, decisive action, and collaboration.
  • Advise and coach individual teams to course-correct when behaviors revert to the old paradigm.
  • Coach individual leaders to reinforce new leadership muscles and stay the course. Identify and work with key pivot points and pockets of resistance in the organization to drive, achieve, and sustain change.

Results: Adaptive, Effective, Sustainable Organizations

Waldron assists in transforming teams and cultures into ones that are strategically aligned, adaptive, and able to thrive in times of change. We believe our experience and action-learning approach achieves new levels of performance, adaptability, and resiliency with leaders and organizations. Through the guidance and support of our seasoned consultants:

  • Leaders develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to lead successfully in the face of constant change.
  • Leadership teams become aligned behind vision, collaborating effectively with peers in trusting, transparent, high-performing relationships.
  • Employees and stakeholders perform with higher levels of engagement and morale; they're aligned behind the strategic vision and understand how they can contribute to the future.
  • Organizations as a whole become more resilient, delivering stronger results and impact as culture is redefined, reinforced and transformed.