CEO and Governance Performance

Whether assessing the performance of CEOs,
individual board members, or board governing
bodies, we are recognized for our comprehensive,
fair, and effective approach.

Board Services

The board of directors must evaluate a CEO’s performance as well as its own governance and member contributions.

We help CEO’s and their Boards achieve a high degree of transparency and alignment around the CEO’s professional contribution. CEO’s and boards using our process report that it is the most rigorous and productive evaluation they have experienced. It gets them to the right conversations, no matter how challenging.

We also evaluate boards’ governance effectiveness as a whole, as well as assessing individual board member performance. We use a benchmarked set of board and board-member competencies to provide the board with collective, and discreet personal feedback against performance criteria relevant across sectors and industries. Services are adapted to each board’s unique circumstances and culture for greatest impact. Boards with which we work consistently report that they experience almost immediate governance improvement. Board members report that individual feedback conversations are among the most impactful of efforts put toward enhancing their personal contributions and professional development.

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CEO and Board Evaluations

Private Sector

Social Enterprise/Co-Op