Michelle Gomez

Michelle Gomez

Director of Marketing and Communications

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No one is more determined to make a difference than Michelle. Whether it’s succeeding in business or giving back to the community, she takes action and delivers results. She once organized a fun run that raised tens of thousands of dollars for melanoma cancer research—in a city that had never hosted a fun run. She started a non-profit that sponsors community dinners to help neighbors having a hard time making ends meet. And early on in her career, she promised a doubting financial services firm owner she could double current assets under management within two years if he was willing to give her a chance. He did, she succeeded, and the rest is history. This track record of results is reflective of the hard work, confidence, and dedication Michelle brings to everything she does.

As Director of Marketing and Communications at Waldron, Michelle is responsible for developing and managing a comprehensive marketing communications plan and works collaboratively with the Waldron team to maximize market reach. Her drive and determination enable her to contribute in a variety of roles, including marketing and campaign strategy, lead generation, proposal development, and content creation.

Prior to Waldron, Michelle led marketing initiatives for Callison, a global architecture firm, and was responsible for implementing marketing automation strategies, supporting new business development efforts, developing content, and managing events. Previously, she managed product launch programs, advertising, and sales support activities for Precor, a leading manufacturer of fitness equipment. Michelle holds a BA in political science and speech communication from the University of Washington.

Combining a commitment to give back to the community with her penchant for achievement, Michelle spends much of her free time working with her family’s non-profit, Five Loaves and Two Fish, fundraising and coordinating volunteers to address hunger in her community. To have that legacy, and to be able to look back at her impact in someone’s life, gives Michelle a sense of purpose and honors deep rooted family values.