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Jeff Waldron


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Jeff has spent the better part of his career working in the social sector. Perhaps because he is an activist at heart, Jeff is a committed partner to mission-driven organizations which work across a myriad of issue areas that matter a great deal to him, including effective philanthropy, international development, and environmental conservation and climate change. His skillful application of organizational best practices, big picture thinking, and pragmatic approaches to tough decision-making are hallmarks of his collegial, results-oriented work ethic. Preferring to make an impact behind the scenes is what fuels Jeff’s passion and drives his dedication to Waldron clients.

In his role as Principal, Jeff helps to shape the firm’s strategic initiatives nationwide. He also leads a select portfolio of retained search clients, partnering with foundations, NGOs, and social enterprises with national and international scope. Jeff first joined Waldron in 1999 and directed service delivery across the firm’s practice areas.

In 2009, Jeff took an opportunity to join the International Development Law Organization (IDLO), which works to strengthen institutions that promote peace, justice, and sustainable development around the world. Based in Rome, Italy, he started as IDLO’s Director of Human Resources and was later promoted to the role of Acting Director-General in 2010, where he worked closely with governments and international agencies across the globe to increase IDLO’s strategic capacity. In 2012, Jeff transitioned to being a Senior Advisor, overseeing a range of strategic initiatives. He remained in that role until returning to Waldron in 2014.

When Jeff isn’t suiting up to work with Waldron clients, he tends toward recreational pursuits. From his home base in northern California, he can ski in Lake Tahoe, hike in Yosemite, and enjoy the ocean in Carmel, and he takes full advantage. Though he speaks fondly of Italy, Argentina, Egypt, Hungary, Kuwait, and other global adventures, Jeff feels just as easily at home in urban San Francisco or among the vineyards of Sonoma. His volunteer work and charitable contributions keep him deeply engaged in the global community, including service on IDLO USA’s Board of Directors and Upwardly Global’s Western Region Leadership Council. Jeff has a genuine respect for those in pursuit of the social good, and he counts himself lucky that his work and play overlap in such a meaningful way.