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Dan Coben

Director, Client Services

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Dan joined Waldron as Director, Client Services and leads the Phoenix office, where he is responsible for new business development and the management of some of our most senior client relationships. Dan’s approach to guiding clients combines bottomless creativity with a mature understanding of the cross-functional objectives inherent in corporate environments. He’s driven by the opportunity to create a positive outcome and foster values-based leadership, which means not just doing things right but also doing the right things. Whether the client’s goal is career transition, upward mobility, or preparing for larger leadership challenges, Dan is a savvy business partner, an intuitive guide, and a collaborative manager.

Prior to Waldron, Dan served as executive coach, program developer, and practice manager at JPMorgan Chase, where his focus on non-traditional solutions led to groundbreaking programs that optimized employee engagement, retained top talent, and saved over $64MM in severance, recruitment, and onboarding costs. While there, he created and led an innovative diversity initiative that nearly doubled the advancement rate of high potential women and minorities. He also spearheaded a program that strategically redeployed employees within the organization during downsizing events, pioneering innovative and practical tools, training programs, and initiatives that were adopted as best practices. Concurrently, Dan established a career development program for Boehringer-Ingelheim USA, a global pharmaceutical firm, where he trained and managed a team of executive coaches and guided key employees through leadership challenges.