Design for Impact

We apply contemporary design principles to
ensure leadership development initiatives
deliver on their promise.

Leadership Development

Whether developing leaders individually or across a department, functional role or selected cohort, Waldron addresses your needs with creative, tailored, measurable solutions. 

We can help you identify desired leadership competencies, define your leadership development strategy, assess individual leader effectiveness, implement succession management, and design intensive leadership development experiences. We work with senior leadership teams and internal leadership development specialists and take a strategic approach to leadership development.

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Philosophy of
Leadership Development

Waldron’s approach meets each leader or team where they
are and works at any or all levels. Development can either
be from the inside out or the outside in, depending on the
leader’s unique situation.

Leadership Development Philosophy

1. Knowledge and Awareness

The knowledge and self-awareness gained through timely feedback can help some leaders pivot toward new behavior accordingly. These exceptional leaders are able to utilize 360 survey data or other feedback alone to drive their own development.

2. Skills

Many leaders use increased knowledge and self-awareness to identify skills to develop and enhance their leadership. This requires time to learn and practice, to reflect on results, and then adjust course.

3. Purpose, Attitudes, and Beliefs

Changing deeply held attitudes, beliefs, and notions of purpose and identity is transformative, and has the most impact on effectiveness, performance, and personal fulfillment. Changes at this level tend to be complicated, personally difficult, and take even more time, but are often required to move from functional to enterprise level leadership.