Change Navigation

We help leaders navigate change and
engage their teams in the journey.

Change Navigation

In an increasingly volatile and uncertain climate, we help leaders and organizations set a course, and go.

Managed effectively, change can help organizations seize opportunity, increase excitement, foster cultural agility, and enhance performance. Waldron serves as a trusted advisor and facilitator in the planning, roll out and socializing of transformational changes – from strategic direction and culture shifts, to operational reorganization.

We work with senior leadership teams to clearly define the change challenge – is it adaptive or technical in nature? The answer informs the construction of the strategic change architecture you will need to effectively drive the transformation. 

We recognize the key role senior leaders play in the change and transformation process and focus on enabling leaders to lead their teams through the change process.  We support the broader transformation process by thoughtfully engaging other key parts of the system through facilitated small-group dialogue, cross-functional group events, training workshops, and whole-system engagement methodologies.