Inspire and Challenge

From Executive Coaching to individual engagements at other
levels, we provide coaching tailored to individuals' needs.

Individual Executive Coaching

Leaders at the executive level must navigate operating environments with increasingly ambiguous and continually shifting landscapes. 

We help executives expand their capacity for managing complexity; gain deeper insight into the challenges their organizations face; and employ a sophisticated set of tools and strategies for spearheading change. Our professional coaches apply a structured methodology—tailored to the results you define.

Senior Executive Coaching

Leaders at the most senior executive levels are typically proficient in the business skills traditionally associated with leadership: influence, strategic thinking, business acumen, etc.  However, rather than simply hone or develop these skills, leaders at this level need to navigate operating environments with increasingly ambiguous and continually shifting landscapes.

Leading amidst greater complexity and at scale often requires a reassessment of what it means to lead.  We help executives develop an expanded capacity for managing complexity and gain deeper insight.

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New Leader Coaching Process

New Leader Coaching engagements are structured to help new leaders
clearly define their mission, gain buy-in and shorten the onboarding curve.
A one-on-one approach, providing access to an experienced independent,
safe external resource  allows them to test their approach and make their
mark in their new position, right from the start.

Stage 1 Intake and Kickoff
Meeting between coach and new leader to discuss background and context, preliminary goal setting and administer assessment tool.
Coach meets with new leader's manager to discuss integration and expectations for the participant over the next 90 days.
Stage 2 Pulse Check
Coach gathers information from key stakeholders regarding first impressions, greatest assets, liabilities, and recommendations.
Participant completes self-assessment of the first impression across stakeholders, assets/liabilities, integration ideas and lessons learned.
Coach reviews data with participant to identify and agree on final onboarding priorities.
Stage 3 Create Onboarding Plan
Participant drafts onboarding plan for the next 90 days.
Coach reviews plans and provides feedback.
Participant, coach, and participant's manager review plan and ensure alignment against priorities.
Stage 4 Ongoing Coach Support
Ongoing coaching with new leader for following 3 months.
Monthly check-in meetings between coach and the participant's manager.
Stage 5 Wrap-Up Meeting

Participant, coach and participant's manager meet to review success against onboarding plan and discuss the next phase of development.

Individual Development Plan Coaching

Waldron CPI has developed a methodology for targeted professional
coaching to support individual development planning across selected bands
of the workforce. These limited-term engagements help leaders efficiently
leverage internal feedback through safe external coaches  both for their
employees’ professional development and their organizations’ effectiveness.
Our clients have experienced a high degree of success in helping employees
to have the right conversations with their coaches and supervisors, resulting
in more effective development plans and aligned results.

Plan Coaching Stages

Stage 1 360 Degree Review Survey and/or Interviews

Administered by Waldon, or utilizing internal or "off the shelf" product

Stage 2 Review and Interpretation of Assessment Data

Coach and participant meet focusing on comprehension and synthesis of feedback to inform participant's creation of their development plan

Stage 3 Development Planning

Participant presents draft development goals to coach and collaborates to finalize plan and prepare for alignment meeting with their leader

Stage 4 Alignment Meeting

Participant presents development plan/goals to leader to gain approval and support for implementation

Stage 5 Follow-Up Coaching

Additional coaching to support implementation and accountability