Key Priorities

Take WF to the Next Level

While honing and executing a recently-developed strategy, the new CEO will have the opportunity to shape the Web Foundation’s global brand, activating existing and new local and regional programs to position WF as a thought leader, a key node of collaboration within a wide-ranging network of organizations, and a trusted participant in working toward stakeholder-driven solutions to regional problems. The incoming CEO will lead conversations within staff and board toward the development of thoughtful and innovative ways to measure outcomes that will lead to long-term impact. In support of these strategic initiatives, the CEO will identify opportunities to enhance operational effectiveness while encouraging a participative and entrepreneurial organizational culture that aligns with WF’s values, mission, and theory of change.

Establish Long-Term Funding

The Web Foundation’s exceptionally strong relationships with its current funders has enabled its recent steady growth. While WF has a proven track record and well-developed capabilities in securing project funding, multi-year unrestricted funding will enable the organization to be more innovative and nimble in piloting new programs around the globe, and to invest further in vital areas such as communications and organizational development. With mentorship from the board, the incoming CEO will have a hands-on opportunity to build WF’s fundraising capabilities from the ground up, with an eye toward exploring untapped opportunities to secure commitments from new institutional and major donors, particularly those who have already demonstrated interest in the Web Foundation and its work.

Strategically Leverage Board & Key Stakeholders

The CEO will make it a priority to maximize the passion and resources of its founders, board, and other supporters, with an eye toward matching each individual’s strengths, interests, and availability with the needs of the organization. Similarly, the CEO will proactively build mutually supportive relationships throughout the field, keeping a strategic view as to the strengths each partner organization brings to different aspects of the broad work of digital inclusion and digital citizenship, and related fields.