The Evaluation and Learning Team

Our Evaluation and Learning Team (E&L Team) strives to stay on the leading edge of monitoring, evaluation, and learning methodologies to ensure strategies for each of the Foundation’s 23 subprograms and their impacts are effectively evaluated and aligned with our mission, values, and goals. We are grounded in the belief that consistent monitoring, third-party evaluation, and shared learning enable us and our grantees to continually improve and achieve the changes we seek in the world.

Our monitoring, evaluation, and learning work is guided by five principles:

  • Continuously Learn and Adapt
  • Learn in Partnership
  • Use a Variety of Information
  • Cultivate Inquiry
  • Share Learning to Increase Impact

The Opportunity

The Foundation is adding another Evaluation and Learning Officer (ELO) to our dynamic E&L Team. The new ELO will join the Foundation during a period of significant growth in funding and support to our grantees and will have the opportunity to help shape and guide the trajectory of the Foundation’s evaluation and learning work.

Reporting to the Evaluation and Learning Director, the new ELO will have the opportunity to use their technical expertise from the field of strategy, evaluation, and learning and act as a thought partner to the Population and Reproductive Health program (50% of role), Climate program (20%), and the Mission Investing team (15%). The new ELO will spend the remaining 15% of their time supporting Foundation-wide evaluation and learning initiatives.

In this newly created role, you will provide thought leadership to ensure that programs have the necessary mechanisms in place to effectively assess their current strategies and use the insights gathered to optimize their impact. The new ELO will play a pivotal role on the E&L Team in strengthening the Foundation’s Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) practice across all program areas.

Using learnings gathered from collaboration across the field, you will assist program teams in refining their theories of change, reassessing their priorities, and refreshing their goals and objectives.

Key areas of responsibility will be:

1. Direct Service and Technical Support
Partnering with internal teams, the ELO will provide a full suite of ongoing monitoring, evaluation, and learning guidance including support for strategy, monitoring and evaluation design, and identifying capacity gaps. Tapping into their professional network, the ELO will also help identify evaluation partners to conduct the monitoring and evaluation work.

2. Cross-foundation Learning
The E&L Team is responsible for curating and facilitating cross-program learning around philanthropic effectiveness. The new ELO will be a knowledge gatherer and will seek best practices from the field, at conferences, and in relevant trainings to bring to the Foundation in order to strengthen both internal evaluation practices, as well as practices in the field of philanthropy at large.

3. Processes, Tools, and Systems Management
The E&L Team ensures that program teams have the mechanisms and tools in place to effectively understand outcomes and use these insights to maximize their program’s impact. As part of the E&L Team, the ELO will support continual resource development and recommend and deliver improvements to existing processes and systems.