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The Administrative Officer serves as the chief executive officer of Spokane Regional Health District and is responsible for the overall leadership and successful operation of the agency, including the establishment and implementation of public health policies and programs that promote and protect the health of Spokane County residents. The Administrative Officer works at the direction of the board to develop strategic short- and long-term plans, goals, budgets, and objectives of the district, and oversees the implementation and execution of those plans.

The Administrative Officer provides leadership to the staff and ensures timely execution of programs and activities performed by the agency. Specifically, the Administrative Officer leads and directs the Executive Leadership Team, including planning, goal setting, and problem solving for the district. The Administrative Officer is also responsible for overseeing and evaluating the district’s Health Officer, agency operations and the Administration division, which includes: Finance, Human Resources, Financial Services/Vital Records, HIPAA, Records and Accreditation, Information Systems, Data Center, Office of Equity, Communications, Policy Specialist, Community Project Manager, and Building Maintenance.

The Administrative Officer regularly communicates the operational, regulatory, and financial status of the agency to the Board of Health and other local and state officials. In collaboration with the Health Officer, the Administrative Officer keeps the SRHD Board of Health and board committees apprised of all significant public health issues occurring in, or potentially impacting, the SRHD jurisdiction. The Administrative Officer also recommends policy strategies for Board consideration based on local issues of public health importance and implements decisions and direction provided by the Board.

The Administrative Officer represents SRHD to outside organizations and develops and maintains collaborative relationships with local community partners. In addition, the Administrative Officer interacts with public officials on issues related to policy and budget and networks with other Administrative Officers to identify funding opportunities. The Administrative Officer takes necessary measures to promote public health and authorizes attendance of District employees or individuals engaged in community health programs related to or part of the programs of the local health department to participate in health education, promotion, or training activities.

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Internal Priorities

  • Conduct a thorough organizational assessment. Identify opportunities, implement changes, and ultimately create a structure that supports a unified vision and ensures the agency continues to execute its mission.
  • Create a values-driven organization. Promote an equitable culture, build an environment of trust, nurture collaboration, and encourage learning through growth and transformation.
  • Collaborate with the Board to develop a long-term strategic vision that includes a shared understanding of equity, supports the evolution of public health, and invests upstream.
  • Further unify the Executive Leadership Team. Identify an integrated strategic plan, encourage effective collaboration, support sound decision making, and collectively drive change to execute and maximize impact.
  • Develop a strong understanding of current funding sources, including existing contracts and grants. Create a more robust strategy around the grant process, diversify funding opportunities, and collaborate to secure additional funding streams.
  • The health district launched its Center for Equity to be a catalyst for ongoing and future health equity efforts driven by the agency. Collaborate with Center for Equity staff to lead internal equity efforts, build staff and organizational capacity, and further integrate equity into decision-making processes.
  • Drive stability and consistency in systems, policies, and procedures. Work to streamline processes, identify opportunities for efficiency, and drive uniformity in business endeavors all through an equitable lens.
  • Develop a thorough understanding of all programs including programmatic staff. Encourage cross program collaboration and leverage staff expertise to further support, add value, and evolve programs to meet the needs of the community.
  • Create an internal communications strategy. Ensure transparency, support two-way communication, and identify opportunities to share information throughout the organization that provide a broader understanding of agency programs and initiatives.
  • Foster an “employer of choice” mentality. Formalize programs and create opportunities for employee development, leadership training, and succession planning with a clear focus on retention, building diversity, and remaining competitive.

Successful Candidate

The Administrative Officer embraces the mission of Spokane Regional Health District and works collaboratively to provide integrated public health programs and advance health equity. An effective leader, the successful candidate promotes respect for SRHD, including its management, employees, and clients, and reflects the agency’s values in daily behaviors, interactions, and activities. The Administrative Officer is creative, innovative, and brings a fresh, yet experienced and measured, voice and perspective to the work

With strong emotional intelligence, the Administrative Officer values diversity of thought, builds a strong understanding of equity, and serves as a catalyst for broad, agency wide discussions. A natural convener and collaborator, the successful candidate recognizes the importance of relationships and partnerships at all levels. The ideal candidate is an effective communicator and actively keeps others well informed. Balancing and respecting a variety of views during the decision-making process, while moving forward, will be key. A persuasive and passionate communicator, the Administrative Officer represents SRHD with integrity and effectively advocates for the agency at all times.

The Administrative Officer is a highly effective leader who creates a solid organizational foundation by developing strategy, setting goals, and providing clear expectations. The successful candidate brings proven expertise in change management, business operations, and financial management while striking a balance with the right amount of passion, patience, and heart to move the agency forward. Funding is complex, thus the Administrative Officer must bring a high-degree of comfort working with local, state, and federal resources and managing diverse funding streams in order to identify gaps and secure additional funding. The ideal candidate is strategic, assesses liability, limits risk, and leverages data in order to drive sound business decisions.

The preferred candidate is diplomatic and navigates political relationships with ease. The Administrative Officer brings forward strong executive leadership skills necessary for managing a complex, changing environment. The successful candidate easily identifies trends and problems hindering progress and develops and implements best practices to drive necessary change and continue to move upstream. With empathy and compassion, the Administrative Officer sets the tone for the agency and brings a sense of calm and stability while driving change and making difficult decisions.

The Administrative Officer builds trust, leads and empowers staff, and promotes a culture that embraces change for the better. The successful candidate maintains effective working relationships and gains cooperation through discussions and persuasion. The ideal candidate has a strong background in managing and empowering employees and believes in transparent communication. The Administrative Officer creates an inclusive environment that encourages collaboration, supports innovation, and creates opportunities to grow, learn, and develop.


Spokane Regional Health District offers a wide range of benefits as part of your total compensation package. Choose from seven medical insurance plans and two dental plans; multiple retirement options for your future; generous vacation and sick leave policies; 12 holidays; life insurance and long-term disability; and smart health wellness and commute trip reduction programs.