About New Island Capital Management

New Island Capital Management is a San Francisco-based investment advisor, focused exclusively on investments offering both positive environmental/social benefit and attractive returns. Its investment mandate and resources place New Island among a handful of mission-focused investors that target market rate risk-adjusted returns while striving to accomplish environmental and social good. Thematic areas of interest include alternative energy, community-scale environmental solutions, sustainable agriculture and forestry, financial inclusion, health and wellness, and education. New Island has a long-term investment horizon, operates globally, and pursues investments across multiple asset classes.

The Opportunity & Key Responsibilities

The newly created Vice President position will have the opportunity to construct and manage a Liquidity Portfolio aligned with New Island’s mission, with the overarching goal of generating appropriate returns while meeting the longer-term capital needs of the broader investment program. This is a highly entrepreneurial directive to identify and execute investment strategies that will generate appropriate returns, while also helping to catalyze a growing base of portfolio managers and scaling new avenues for capital to flow into impactful liquid investments.

The VP will lead a unique and growing mandate within New Island Capital to develop and execute on a comprehensive strategy for its Liquidity Portfolio. This person will evaluate public and private liquidity opportunities that align with New Island’s values. Public investments would be intermediated via investment managers, while private investments would potentially include place-based investments in locally owned financial institutions (e.g. banks, credit unions), aligned intermediaries, and other direct short-term investment opportunities.

Key responsibilities include portfolio strategy development, market landscaping, manager due diligence, quantitative and qualitative research and credit analysis, deal execution, monitoring, relationship management, and a high degree of collaboration across New Island’s team of investment professionals.

The VP will likely begin by surveying the landscape, identifying themes, gaps, and opportunities for potential Liquidity Portfolio investments across the spectrum of New Island’s thematic areas. Additional related responsibilities include:

  • Conducting research in order to identify and vet investment manager candidates and intermediaries which may include on-site meetings / field visits for further due diligence purposes, negotiating appropriate incentives, preparing and presenting investment recommendations to New Island’s Investment Committee;
  • Overseeing ongoing manager/intermediary and direct relationships, including monitoring and evaluating financial and impact performance, course-correcting where needed, and preparing updates to share with the team.

Ideal Candidate

New Island Capital seeks an experienced investment professional who is deeply and genuinely aligned with the organization’s mission. This is an exceptional opportunity to influence real, tangible change in the environment and in communities around the world. The ideal candidate will be excited by the chance to create and implement an innovative and ambitious strategy for New Island’s Liquidity Portfolio and also play an important field-building role in the impact capital sector by expanding product options and investing in leading edge managers.

The VP will have the strategic skillset to set the overarching portfolio strategy that meets liquidity, risk/return, and impact goals, while also leading with the analytical and due diligence expertise to identify successful third party managers. The VP must be adept at crafting effective manager relationships that deliver on impact goals and be excited about constructing customized deals where appropriate to meet New Island’s needs.

The successful candidate will bring an open-minded and creative approach to evaluating and structuring investments and to setting overall portfolio construction. While focused on the ultimate goal of increasing and diversifying investments in the Liquidity Portfolio, the VP must also be comfortable managing a dynamic liquidity environment as New Island’s liquidity needs evolve.

The successful candidate will be comfortable leading the development of investment presentation and approval materials as well as implementation of appropriate monitoring and performance reporting systems. The VP will know how to interpret and use market data, macro-economic data, and financial metrics associated with public equities and fixed income to inform investment decision-making.

This opportunity is tailor-made for self-starters who are driven by a results-oriented and open communication environment. New Island Capital is a lean team that places a high value on collective accomplishments and collaboration. The VP must expertly balance the need to work autonomously with self-direction, while also recognizing the appropriate moments to draw on the wider team for input, advice, idea generation, and support.

Minimum Requirements

Candidates must possess a minimum of eight years of experience in public fixed income, while additional experience in public equities and/or private investment is a plus. Familiarity with community development financial institutions, treasury management, over the counter instruments, and/or direct lending is advantageous. A proven track record of identifying and building effective relationships with investment partners is required, as is a deep understanding of how to structure customized and nuanced relationships with those counterparties. Demonstrated interest in and/or experience managing an impact-focused/environmentally and/or socially responsible investment portfolio is highly desirable.

Exceptional analytical, presentation, and organization skills are essential as is the ability to communicate complex transactions, both verbally and in writing, in a straightforward manner. An unimpeachable sense of integrity and discretion is necessary, with candidates being able to demonstrate the highest levels of ethics and confidentiality. Outstanding relationship management and interpersonal skills are required along with excellent attention to detail and follow-through.

The VP will report to the Chief Executive Officer. This position will be based in San Francisco, CA.