About Namchak

The Namchak Foundation promotes the growth, study, and practices of the Namchak lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. Namchak helps people from all backgrounds increase happiness and meaning in their lives through meditation practice, community, and retreat, whether they are Buddhist or not.

Namchak LLC is a Missoula, Montana-based company supporting the activities and mission of the Foundation. The principle operations include:

The Namchak Retreat Ranch in Montana: A unique teaching and practice facility is being built on 9,000 acres in picturesque Lake County, Montana. The Retreat Ranch will feature a large temple along with dormitories and smaller practice facilities. Total capacity will be for up to 130 students to pursue training. In addition to various retreat offerings, a secluded portion of the ranch will be dedicated to three-year retreats. An agricultural and herbal business is also planned.

Website, Distance Learning, and Learning Communities: Our comprehensive Namchak Foundation website offers products and courses that teach the Namchak lineage and facilitate its practices. It provides tools for intermediate students or for those exploring for the first time. The website also serves as a platform to support Namchak’s intimate local learning communities and virtual meetings. It offers in-person teaching retreats in larger venues on both coasts and promotes a growing learning network of practitioners and future teachers.

The Namchak culture is collaborative and caring. As a mission and values driven organization, Namchak begins each staff meeting with a mindfulness moment, re-centering around their purpose of benefiting lives through meditation, community, and learning. The dedicated staff of 12 collaborate closely to carry out the organization’s shared goals. The office community is friendly and supportive, placing great value on culture as a whole, and the well-being and professional development of employees. Because it recognizes the value of various points of view, Namchak respects and encourages diversity. We invest greatly in careful stewardship of the land and work passionately to make available this lineage’s time-tested, lab-tested tools for anyone to use, to help ourselves to live a satisfying, awakened life.

Qualifications Summary

  • A minimum of five years of executive level managerial experience in a dynamic, multi-faceted environment
  • Operational leadership track record, strong strategic thinking, and an ability to manage multiple priorities
  • Proven leadership that embodies respect, teamwork, and collaboration from a diverse and dedicated staff
  • Demonstrated budget development expertise and the proven ability to interpret, forecast, and manage financial statements
  • A track-record of backing decisions and assertions with evidence, facts, and data
  • An undergraduate degree is required
  • Given the nature and purpose of our organization, we are looking for someone who has a personal meditation practice, and an interest in personal growth is desired

Commensurate with experience, compensation will include an excellent benefits package and salary within the mid $100,000s range.