Key Responsibilities

Recruiting, Onboarding, and Retention

Building a culture that is inclusive, diverse, and equitable is a top priority for EF and requires a cohesive strategy for recruiting and onboarding staff that is committed to EF’s mission and can scale with EF’s continued growth. The Senior Director, HR will work alongside the DEI team to develop and implement recruitment practices with a DEI focus, including recruitment protocols, interviewing guidelines, evaluation methods, training for hiring managers, and onboarding. Modeling EF’s values of learning, accountability, service, and ownership, the Senior Director, HR will promote respect, consistency, and connectivity and ensure systems and practices meet staff needs and organizational goals.

Talent Development and Coaching

The Senior Director, HR manages efforts to support professional development and pathways for all staff to continue to learn and grow throughout their tenures at EF. This includes assessing needs and developing and implementing a curriculum to meet them. EF has many first-time managers and the Senior Director, HR will ensure they have the skills they need to supervise, mentor, and develop their teams.

Working with leaders across the organization, the Senior Director, HR will assess performance management approaches and help set criteria for expectations and performance goals. They will lead the refinement of systems including establishing consistent, equitable processes and clear guidelines for all staff to follow.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

With initiatives underway to strengthen EF’s commitment to DEI, the Senior Director, HR will support the Director of DEI by implementing HR practices that promote an inclusive, welcoming, safe environment for all staff, including remote teams. An early focus will be on revamping the recruitment process to ensure alignment with DEI goals and best practices. They will develop all policies with a DEI lens to ensure these values are core to EF’s practices and culture.

Compensation and Benefits

Applying their practical experience as well as the latest thinking about best practices that link individual performance to organizational goals and values, the Senior Director, HR will drive recommendations and the integration of a comprehensive compensation plan across the whole organization.

The Senior Director, HR also oversees and regularly reviews all benefits and serves as a primary point of contact for all offices on benefits, and related administrative issues.

Office and Facilities Management

The Senior Director, HR manages the receptionist in the San Francisco office, and oversees office operation standards, and safety procedures. They manage relationships with building administrators and sub-tenants for all offices and play a lead role in opening and expanding remote offices, serving as the first point of contact for support and troubleshooting issues.