The Organization

ClimateWorks Foundation (CWF) is a global non-governmental organization that partners with leading funders to be more strategic, efficient, and effective in their response to global climate change. The organization offers a suite of services:

  • Provides a Global View: CWF aggregates, synthesizes, and presents emissions data and political, social, technical, and economic analyses in a way that offers insights for climate philanthropy. These insights help funders prioritize opportunities to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, develop strategies that are robust under different future scenarios, adapt strategies to changing conditions, and track progress towards climate goals.
  • Develops Strategies and Makes Grants: CWF collaborates with partners globally to develop portfolios of philanthropic investments designed to achieve large-scale greenhouse gas emissions reductions. With their partners, CWF evaluates insights from a wide range of sources, develops informed strategies, and clusters strategies into diversified, high-impact portfolios for philanthropic investment. CWF makes strategic grants that support transnational initiatives and organizations addressing climate change in critical parts of the world. They then monitor progress and apply candid assessments to drive learning and improvement.
  • Facilitates Funder Collaboration: CWF facilitates collaboration among influential philanthropic funders—creating opportunities for them to interact with their peers, compare strategies, generate ideas, and coordinate investments that target the biggest drivers of global climate change.
  • Grows Climate Philanthropy: CWF helps increase the number of foundations working to address climate change and grow the overall size of philanthropic investment directed towards climate action. Central to this effort is the organization’s work with funders to help them evaluate investment opportunities that are aligned with their interests and priorities, and to connect them to like-minded peers.

As experts in climate science, public policy, economic and social analysis, and strategic philanthropy, CWF’s staff understands the multi-faceted challenges and opportunities of climate change. They are researchers, strategists, collaborators, organizers, and grant makers who care passionately about the mission.

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Minimum Qualifications

Candidates must have at least ten years of progressively responsible marketing and communications experience in a company or organization with a global mission and impact. Experience in the climate or environmental space is a plus.

This position will be based in San Francisco, CA.