The Wilsonville, Oregon Community

With a population of 25,635, the City of Wilsonville is a small but rapidly growing community with vibrant residential areas, thriving businesses, and a clear vision for its future.

We have always been a home for those who think differently and expect more but don’t want to settle for the status quo. It is a place that people can call home, where the sky opens up a bit, and the air is a little cleaner. Here we measure quality of life by meaningful relationships instead of the number of cars you can fit in your garage.

Within its limits are bold thinkers who work hard for what they want. It’s not a city of entitlement, but rather born from the river with a rich heritage of commerce. Steeped in history, it began with the founding of Boone’s Landing, home to one of the first ferries over the Willamette River. Over time it became the Gateway to the Willamette Valley—the “Eden” at the end of the Oregon Trail where American settlers and the valley’s original people, Kalapuya, found common purpose in agriculture. Today, it still exists and stands as the destination for some of Oregon’s most innovative and coveted companies.

With the feeling of a small and tight-knit community, yet with all the amenities and access to its urban neighbors, the City of Wilsonville is nested on the edge of Oregon’s finest agricultural country. Poised at equidistant locations between Portland and Salem, Wilsonville connects the I-5 corridor of activity and provides easy access to the highway with its innovative commercial and residential planning.

Wilsonville has a small town feel with the accessibility of big town benefits and the richness of all the wonders that nature has to offer. It’s a place where people know your name and you’re just as likely to see your next door neighbor half way across town. It’s the perfect marriage of modern and traditional, balancing values with a purpose-led lifestyle. Home to a new generation of enterprising families, residents, growing companies, and forward-thinking personalities, the City of Wilsonville is rooted in the past, with an enlightened vision for the future.

We are fortunate to have devoted residents and a committed business community. The hard work, discipline, and expertise contributed by those on our boards and commissions, and numerous other committees and task forces help focus our vision to build a better community.

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