2040 Community Vision - aNewBERG

The newly adopted community vision, aNewBERG states in 2040, Newberg is a gem of the Willamette Valley – mirroring the surrounding bucolic landscapes, its cultivated relationships, flourishing culture, thoughtfully enhanced sense of place, strong local economy and collaborative leadership nourish our thriving community.

Community Engagement: In Newberg, engagement is a part of who we are. We give our time, talents and treasures to strengthen the community. We blend service into our jobs and institutions, help each other, and pride ourselves in donating and shopping locally. Our authentic relationships serve as a strong foundation for a supportive community.

Community Leadership: Our leaders come from diverse groups, backgrounds and sectors throughout the community and surrounding region. They foster creative, two-way communications and collaborate to ensure Newberg’s long-term success.

Cultural Assets: Newberg residents take pride in all that our community offers. As a cultural hub, there is a range of accessible artistic events and recreational activities as well as many local shops and restaurants you can wander into with friends.

Economic Development: Newberg’s economy thrives by leveraging our geographic amenities and the capabilities of local businesses and organizations. We create family wage jobs through a strong business and workforce development program. We retain and attract businesses to Newberg and have a vibrant downtown.

Livability & Development: Newberg is a well-planned community where the built environment blends seamlessly into surrounding, natural landscapes. Our small-town character, accessibility and affordability create a sense of belonging where individual, families, and people of all ages love to live, work and play.