The City Manager is the full time Chief Administrative Officer of the City and is responsible for the effective and efficient administration of the City, assuming full management responsibility, leadership, and accountability for all City operations, including direct or indirect supervision of all employees. The City Manager conducts or coordinates, through department heads, departmental strategic planning efforts and other studies of City services to ensure they are provided in the most effective manner. The City Manager serves at the pleasure of the Council and is accountable for achieving policies, goals, and objectives established by the Council.

The City Manager performs all duties as provided in the Charter and ordinances of the City of Lake Oswego. The City Manager directs the development and implementation of the City’s goals, objectives, policies, and priorities and routinely provides advice and assistance to the Mayor and Council on a wide variety of issues. The City Manager prepares and submits a proposed City budget for the ensuing fiscal year, properly administers the budget as adopted, and keeps the Council advised of the financial condition and needs of the City. The City Manager is also responsible for enforcing and administering all City laws, ordinances, policies, and regulations.

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