With Border Hillsboro

Hillsboro’s Mission Statement

The City of Hillsboro is dedicated to providing visionary leadership, delivering responsive municipal services, and fostering collaborative partnerships that enhance Hillsboro’s hometown livability.

Hillsboro’s Core Values

Employees at the City of Hillsboro are expected to exemplify these Core Values:

  • Excellence in Public Service
  • Respect for Diverse Voices and Ideas
  • Responsiveness in Customer Service
  • Tradition of Reliability
  • Stewardship of the Public Trust
  • Leadership with Ethics and Integrity
  • Culture of Teamwork and communication
  • Emphasis on Innovation


The Assistant City Manager is an at-will position with a salary range of $133,967 to $176,292. For a complete list of the City’s extensive benefits, please visit Hillsboro-Oregon.gov/Benefits.