The Information and Innovation Department

The Information and Innovation Department provides technology and innovation leadership, leveraging technology to innovate new services. The department works to improve business processes and overall service delivery, executing on projects and initiatives pertaining to enterprise business systems and programs; IT operations and infrastructure; data and analytics; and tools and business systems to support process improvements.

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The Position

The Chief Information and Innovation Officer is charged with the overall leadership and management of Information and Innovation including development of the annual budget. With a focus on understanding and evaluating community and organizational needs, the Chief Officer manages a culture of innovation and continuous improvement that ultimately supports and enables the organization to embrace new ideas and operational enhancements.

The Chief Officer creates, leads and implements the City’s organizational improvement efforts, including technology operations and applications. The Chief Information and Innovation Officer promotes open innovation and introduces enterprise tools and processes that drive creative thinking and continuous improvement. Additionally, the Chief Officer implements IT initiatives that support and align the City’s organizational capabilities and ensures operational efficiency organization-wide. The Chief Officer plans, organizes and establishes agreement around intended outcomes through active engagement with diverse stakeholder groups, including City employees and members of the community.

Reporting to the City Manager and serving as a member of the executive leadership team, the Chief Information and Innovation Officer leads multi-functional, multi-disciplinary teams including an IT Director, GIS & Analytics Manager, Data & Analytics, Project Managers, Training, and other program and project leads related to organizational improvement efforts and other initiatives. The Chief Officer oversees programs to analyze the business requirements of City operations and conducts feasibility studies to determine the best use of resources in order to provide cost-effective innovation and support across the enterprise while promoting diversity, inclusion, collaboration and the principles of a learning organization