Inside the City of Boulder

The City of Boulder believes in a future with equitable access to health, prosperity and fulfillment; where the community adapts and thrives in response to emerging, and sometimes urgent, social, economic and environmental challenges.

Boulder continuously works to provide service excellence for an inspired future. The Sustainability + Resilience Framework guides budget and planning processes by providing consistent goals necessary to achieve Boulder’s vision of a great community and the actions required to achieve them. Building on a legacy of innovation, Boulder cultivates a creative spirit in order to adapt and thrive in the changing climate.

With a focus on innovation and transformation, Boulder continues to drive strategies in five core areas:

  • Our Community as Resource: Seeking new solutions to the most pressing community challenges through new mechanisms for direct engagement with highly talented community members;
  • High Performance Government: Using process-driven continuous improvement to measure and manage performance and better serve the community, as well as building and managing tools that improve transparency and accountability;
  • Data-driven Decision Making: Understanding, collaborating with and leveraging information assets for effective program outcomes;
  • Operational Efficiency: Mirroring innovative policies with shared, efficient and transparent internal operations practices;
  • A Culture of Innovation: Seeking value-added changes, creative thinking and collaboration, and engaging highly talented staff in problem solving for the benefit of the entire community.

About the Deputy City Manager Position

The Deputy City Manager is a critical and highly visible leader on the city leadership team, supporting the City Manager and peer Deputy City Manager in creating a desirable community that provides high quality and sustainable services. Acting with humility and in service to others, the Deputy City Manager provides leadership through collaboration, teamwork and active involvement in the management of City government.

With a focus on a high performing and innovative culture, the Deputy City Manager manages an exciting portfolio of departments envisioned to include Communications, Finance, Human Resources, Innovation and Technology, Library and Arts, Open Space and Mountain Parks, and Parks and Recreation. The Deputy City Manager has primary responsibility for assisting the City Manager in overseeing the day-to-day operations of the City, providing expert advice and assistance to the City Manager, department heads and senior managers.