The Organization

Washington State is home to world-class cancer research and care centers for children and adults and is a hub for over 480 life science and global health organizations. Our researchers and clinicians are on the leading edge of developing and applying new techniques for the prevention of cancer and care of cancer patients throughout Washington. 

The Cancer Research Endowment (CARE) Fund is a new public-private partnership, established by a 10-year commitment from the State of Washington to match new private investment in cancer research and innovation in our State. With the establishment of the CARE Fund, Washington State is making a commitment to enrich the ecosystem with sustained investment in cancer research, prevention, and care, with the aim of reducing long-term health costs, saving lives, and relieving pain and suffering. The CARE Fund endeavors to provide sustained investment of up to $10 million each year, leveraged by a 1:1 match from non-state sources (up to $20 million annually) to attract top talent and partners, and set the stage for the next big discovery in cancer research. 

Empire Health Foundation (EHF), based in Spokane, is the program administrator for the CARE Fund and will serve as the employer for the Executive Director/Senior Program Officer (ED/SPO). Action to promote cancer research and prevention to improve the quality of life of the people of Washington and beyond is consistent with Empire Health’s fundamental public purpose. The ED/SPO will have an office at Empire Health Foundation’s headquarters in Spokane and is ultimately accountable to the CARE Authority Board with a direct reporting relationship to the Board Chair. Strong cross-sector leadership support and back-office services will be provided through a robust and dynamic team at EHF. For more information about the CARE Fund and Authority, please see the attached Inaugural Plan

EHF is committed to measurably improving health within eastern Washington. In order to achieve our mission, we must focus on systemic and equitable health improvements.  EHF has embarked on our own Diversity, Equity and Inclusion journey. We have committed to looking at our programmatic work with an intent to remove barriers negatively impacting communities of color and marginalized populations, and it is important that our staff and board have a deep understanding of the issues impacting these populations. We are proud of our amazing, talented, and diverse staff and board.  

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