The Chief Financial and Operating Officer Role

The Chief Financial and Operating Officer (CFOO) will report to GP’s President and CEO and serve as a member of the senior leadership team. A newly created role, the CFOO will play a pivotal role in strengthening the transactional, legal, financial, and operational infrastructure to enable GP to scale through the next decade. 

Overseeing a team of seven in accounting, finance, Fund operations/transactions, human resources, and information technology, the CFOO will be based at GP headquarters in Seattle, Washington. 

Specifically, the CFOO will lead in the following areas:

Investment Transactions and Compliance 

As GP approaches its ambitious goal to reach $500 million in impact investments, the CFOO will oversee the organization’s Fund operations and processes to ensure a high level of quality in all debt and venture capital transactions. 

  • Sustain and expand GP’s relationships with more than a half dozen pro bono legal firms and local counsel in at least sixteen countries, ensuring affordable GP access to high quality legal services to support all GP Corporate and Fund related activities 
    • Work closely with legal counsel, loan closing staff, and the Chief Investment Officer to develop strategies for resolution of loan workouts and complex transaction situations
    • Work closely with GP’s Managing Director, Social Venture Fund to develop strategies for complex seed stage investment transactions 
    • Guide resolution of critical transaction issues - with Fund investors, Fund partners, and their legal counsel - to protect GP’s interests and to ensure efficient transactional execution
  • Work to improve GP’s competitive position with Fund partners by addressing issues such as contract costs, complexity, security agreements, and timely execution
  • Oversee upstream Fund investor and downstream Fund partner transaction work by the legal services team
  • Provide executive level oversight for GP’s corporate operations, including all contractual arrangements
  • Ensure compliance with international legal requirements in Sub Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean

Accounting and Finance 

Overseeing the Corporate Controller, the CFOO will lead a high performing finance team and sustain an environment of quality and excellence in all financial affairs. 

  • Proactively conduct analyses to provide useful insights and implications of business decisions to the CEO, senior leadership team, and Board of Directors
  • Guide GP’s overall operating financial strategy and operations including financial reporting, prudent financial controls, and financial risk management
  • Lead the treasury function: 
    • Oversee cash management, banking relationships, and other advisory service providers
    • Ensure GP is tracking to its strategic goal of aligning 100% of its assets with its mission
    • Oversee and strengthen GP’s foreign exchange risk management, including policy compliance and development of an expanded set of hedging and risk management alternatives
    • Support the Social Investment Team with real time knowledge of foreign exchange risk management alternatives and related costs.
  • Provide executive level leadership and oversight for:
    • Annual budget process and monthly, quarterly and annual reporting
    • Annual external audit in the U.S. and internationally
    • Annual assessment of insurance, IT, banking, credit card, and providers’ expenses and change vendors when appropriate

Human Resources, Information Technology, and Infrastructure 

The CFOO will help strengthen GP’s staff, systems, infrastructure, and culture as it enters its next phase of growth. 

  • Oversee and strengthen processes to reinforce GP’s dSCALE culture: dedication to mission, strategic focus, collaboration, aspiration, learning, and excellence 
  • Sustain and strengthen GP’s use of lean HR processes thereby enabling high performing teams, effective goal setting previews, and effective communication through authentic dialogue 
  • Reinforce and deepen GP’s performance in delivering on its “value proposition” to all staff 
  • Create and lead a strategic plan for ongoing development of GP staff, emphasizing the power of mentorship and learning from doing real work with senior colleagues 
  • Oversee Human Resources administration including employee policies, salary and benefits. Ensure that policies and procedures for all offices/countries provide as much consistency and fairness as possible, are aligned with local and national laws and best practices, and reflect the values of the organization 
  • Oversee implementation of GP’s (midstream) IT project to build a relational database to support real time investment decision making - integrating financial and social impact considerations 
  • Oversee and manage outside technical vendors and outsourced business functions 
  • Direct strategic planning for lean, sustainable technology improvements 
  • Ensure GP has necessary physical facilities and infrastructure in all office locations

Minimum Qualifications

Candidates should bring 10+ years of experience in progressively responsible executive management roles. Demonstrated success managing finance and investments in a transaction intensive environment is essential for success in this role. Candidates should be skilled in leading similar sized teams in a highly collaborative environment. 

The position requires an advanced degree in business administration, finance, or a related field. While we do not require a JD, it is a favorable asset. International debt transaction experience is strongly preferred.