Ideal Candidate

FareStart’s COO will be driven by enthusiasm and passion for FareStart’s mission and excited by the opportunity to help lead the organization through tremendous growth. S/he will be an innovator, strategic thinker, and thought partner to the CEO with an eye for driving business strategy from a people-perspective. The COO will be a partnership-minded, people and culture champion who will capitalize on the collective intelligence that exists within the organization. This role requires an authentic leader with strong interpersonal skills who can deploy fresh, supportive energy where needed.

The ideal candidate can calmly navigate in a dynamic, fast-paced, fast-growing environment. Decisive and positive, the COO will be a creative problem solver who moves people to action. S/he quickly builds the trust and credibility needed to rally a network of change champions to help lead the adoption of new processes, procedures, and policies. Candidates will also be adept at building healthy and productive environments that enable and encourage entrepreneurial thinking. The COO role requires an approachable expert committed to openness, transparency, idea sharing, and constructive feedback to allow each individual and each team to reach their full potential. An appreciation for professional development and willing interest to mentor staff are desirable characteristics of the future COO.

Strong emotional and cultural intelligence is crucial to communicate effectively and respectfully with staff, key stakeholders, board of directors, and the population FareStart serves, all of whom bring diverse racial, educational, and socio-economic backgrounds to the organization. The role requires a deep understanding of how the varied needs of these groups differ and intersect in order to foster an inclusive culture that prioritizes the needs of each audience without bias. The COO will be mature and empathetic, and model this through their own behavior. S/he will also possess the personal qualities of a passionate coach with highly-tuned responsibility, integrity, credibility, and unwavering commitment to FareStart’s mission.

Insightful and innovative, the COO will be a true partner to the leadership team, instinctively knowing the right questions to ask and when to lean in with support at critical moments. Candidates must be masterful in communicating strategic vision and organizational priorities, allowing others to understand the business objectives and their role in achieving them.

Exceptional business acumen and project management are essential in order to contribute to and execute strategy, and interpret financial information at the highest level. Experience driving organizational change to help FareStart adapt to growth, changing technology, and market demands is essential. Candidates must be comfortable leading through ambiguity. High level knowledge of people and HR practices is valuable.