The Government

The City of Fife operates under a Council/Manager form of government. The City Council consists of seven members, elected at-large to four year terms. They serve as the legislative branch of Fife’s government passing ordinances and resolutions as a reflection of the City’s policy direction. The Mayor is elected by the other City Council members from within their ranks and serves a two year term. The City Council is also responsible for appointing the City Manager and the members of the various City Boards and Commissions.

The City provides a full range of municipal services, with the exception of fire, which is provided by the Tacoma Fire Department. Fife has eight operating departments: Executive; Finance; Parks and Recreation; Community Development; Municipal Court; Police; Public Works; and Aquatics, employing 135 full time and 35 part time/seasonal staff. The City has a biennial budget of $163.5 million with a general fund of $37.5 million. 

The City Government Organization Chart

The Qualifications

At least seven years of progressively responsible experience in municipal government, including five years of administrative or leadership responsibility. Strong managerial experience and the ability to work closely with the City Council is essential. An exceptional ability to develop effective partnerships is required. A bachelor’s degree in public or business administration or related field is required.