About the Organization

The Center for Environmental Health works at the intersection of public health and the environment, forcing corporate titans to remove toxic chemicals from our consumer products and from our air, food, and water. For the last 20 years, CEH has employed a variety of strategies to change the way companies do business: litigation; public policy; scientific research; community engagement; public education; and the power of the marketplace. A commitment to fairness and social justice underpins CEH’s vision that all people should live, work, learn, and play in healthy environments. 

Since 1996, CEH has taken an entrepreneurial approach to protecting the health of children and families. A cornerstone of CEH’s work has been litigation under Proposition 65, a California law that sets disclosure requirements for products and business practices that expose people to chemicals that cause cancer or reproductive harm. Over its two-decade history, CEH has won hundreds of legal agreements with major companies to reduce or eliminate health threats to children and families. In parallel, CEH engages with corporations to elicit voluntary changes on behalf of public health. Specifically, CEH employs its strategies toward eliminating endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), toxic flame retardants, and pollutants from fossil fuels. 

CEH has 25 employees, with headquarters in Oakland, CA, and a satellite office in New York. For more information about the Center for Environmental Health, please visit http://www.ceh.org/