About the Firm

Arabella Advisors helps foundations, philanthropists, and investors who are serious about impact achieve the greatest good with their resources. We help our clients imagine what’s possible, design the best strategies, learn what works best, and do the work necessary to realize their visions.

Eric Kessler founded Arabella Advisors in 2005 to provide strategic guidance for effective philanthropy. Since then, we’ve evolved into a mission-driven B Corp that has helped hundreds of clients representing more than $100 billion in assets increase their philanthropic impact. Learn more about our clients’ stories and impact here.

Our staff is a team of passionate problem-solvers—mission-driven and action-oriented—with a unique combination of experience in philanthropy, business, nonprofits, government, finance, law, and other fields. We combine creative, strategic thinking with knowledge and networks developed through decades of hands-on experience.

Arabella’s professionals, located in four cities, are dedicated to helping clients make a difference on the issues that matter most to them, from climate to women and girls, education, good food, and more. Our people are PHDs and MBAs, thinkers and builders, peace corps volunteers and congressional staffers– people who combine issue expertise, business acumen, policy wonkishness, and the passion for mission to move mountains.

At Arabella, we’re inspired by the remarkable growth in the social-impact sector over the last decade, and we think the sector is going to grow even further and faster in the next 10 years. We’re motivated daily by the roles we get to play in that growth. 

The Role of Managing Director at Arabella

Waldron is partnering with Arabella Advisors to identify qualified Managing Director (MD) candidates to meet the demands of significant growth forecasts. We seek individuals ready to run a practice area and help lead a major metropolitan office. Please read more about the opportunity, the organization, and the challenge below.

The MD represents Arabella throughout each region’s philanthropic communities, building and managing client relationships, and overseeing the expansion of their various lines of service in the area.

As the lead business developer to each office, the MD’s initial focus will be to increase the client base through strategic expansion, and provide leadership to Arabella team members supporting new business. The MD will play a role in developing subject matter experts and other authorities, senior consultants, and marketing and operations staff to scope, propose, and complete client assignments.

MD’s with Arabella serve as lead client service ambassadors on large projects. Depending on project content and relationships, the Managing Director is responsible for project visioning, project oversight, and occasionally service delivery. On average, current Arabella MD’s spend between thirty to fifty percent of their time in client service activities.

Managing Directors at Arabella possess deep business development and philanthropic experience, market knowledge, a strong understanding of strategic philanthropy, and an interest in all relevant issues. In addition, candidates need experience helping institutional, corporate, family foundations, and individuals achieve their philanthropic goals. 

Ideal Profile

We seek candidates who thoroughly understand the current philanthropic landscape, its trends, and key players. Ideally, the MD will show an extensive background in philanthropy and the nonprofit community as well as leadership, project management, and business development. Leading candidates will also have excellent communication, public speaking, and writing skills, and a demonstrated track record of translating and relaying complex or technical messages to diverse audiences.

Additionally, the MD will have the ability and willingness to roll up their sleeves and work as an independent contributor in a matrixed support environment.

A consummate builder, the MD must be driven by a desire to expand, grow, and convene for high-impact, transformative change. This includes working with and developing teams internally as well as furthering the reach of the organization through partnership development and increased thought-leadership opportunities.

Mission-driven, passionate, outcome-oriented, innovative, caring, humble, and a listener represent traits and talents we seek in the successful candidate. A candidate’s education and experience do matter, but those special qualities we believe make a good consultant a great Managing Director. Even better, these qualities also nurture sustainable relationships with philanthropic and social impact clients.